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The Importance of Winning a Prospect’s Trust in the First Few Seconds of Your Sales Pitch

During virtually every sales encounter, naturally, a prospect will raise their action-threshold until the person representing the company can build trust in 3 core areas:

  1. The prospect needs to trust the product or service you are offering. Additionally, the perceived cost-benefit ratio needs to weigh in the prospect favor as a great deal. Note, I say perceived.
  2. The prospect needs to trust you personally as an expert in the field you offer products and services.
  3. The prospect needs to trust the company you represent.

As the person pitching the product or service, you have literally 4 Seconds to make your impact. In these first few seconds, in order to be perceived as an trusted authority in your field, you must:

  1. Be as sharp as a tack
  2. Be enthusiastic as hell
  3. Be an expert in your field

Naturally, a prospect wants to deal with an expert. Not an expert? Fake it to you make it. Sound like an expert by preparing to reference current industry and market trends. Know a little about the local market and some of the big names. The prospect will work with someone who can fulfill any needs or desires.

Add your value by offering a unique perspective during the conversation. Discuss a local event in the town or city the prospect services to build a rapport that separates you from the other salespeople contacting them on a daily basis.

Objections to your sales pitch are smokescreens for uncertainty for one of the above 3 core areas. Based on these first few seconds, you should be able to determine if the prospect just has their guard up or ff the prospect is strongly opposed to any of the 3 core areas. If this is the case, move on to the next prospect.