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How Can Staten Island Consulting Help Your Business?

Welcome to Staten Island Consulting. We are a boutique consulting firm located in NYC that specializes in:

Strategic Management
Project Management
Client Engagement
Client Negotiations
Client Satisfaction
Business Development
Operations Management
Cost Control / Reduction
Financial Forecasting
High Impact Presentations
Product Implementation
Relationship Management
Resource Allocation
Risk Assessment / QA
Sales Prospecting
Top Management Buy-In

Adam Nekulak is the Principal Consulting and is a transformational leader with proven success in strategic planning and aligning value-added services with growth objectives. He is an analytical professional, skilled in using critical thinking and problem-solving skills to ensure efficiency, productivity, and high-quality deliverables. Additionally, he is a resourceful change agent, capable of interfacing with all levels of the organization to build partnerships, provide scalable solutions, and design innovative business strategies. Adam possess diverse skills in researching and identifying viable business solutions that drive growth, high performance, and profitability. Serve as a subject matter expert and client consultant in SaaS project implementation management.

We look forward to helping you bring your business to the next level.